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- Model S Series - Feeder Injector


The S Series injector is a self contained water meter, valve and pumper. It does not require any electricity to run. A measuring chamber measures water flow and opens an internal valve to power the pump. The injection ratio can be changed by using the control shaft on the pump head. It works with any H.E. Anderson pump head. The units simplicity makes installation and operation a breeze.

Completely Water Powered

  • No electricity is required to run the injector. All the energy to inject chemical is aquired from the water line.

Simple Design

  • S Series injector pumps are very easy to install and maintain reducing overall costs.

Diaphragm Pump

  • Very low pressure loss, highly accurate and accuracy will not degrade with time or use.

Unmatched Dependability

  • H.E. Anderson Co. products last for decades instead of months like our competitors. Overall investment is much lower.


  • Injectors can be fitted with Hypalon, Viton or Teflon diaphragms enabling almost any chemical to be injected.

No Sliding Seals

  • Lasts much longer than sliding seal designs. Low maintenance and easy to prime. No water line filter required.

Integrated Water Meter

  • Injectors maintain accuracy over a wide range or water flow rates.

15 Month Warranty

  • We proudly stand behind our products.

Specifications Common to all S Series Units:

  • 4 to 50 GPM Flow Range
  • 2' FNPT Pipe Connections
  • All S Series injectors are adjustable and can be turned down to 1/10th of their maximum feed ratio
  • 30psi to 125psi pressure range unless otherwise noted

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