Sundrop Fuels, Inc.

Sundrop Fuels, Inc.

Renewable Advanced Biofuels


Sundrop Fuels converts syngas created from biomass into biobased 'green gasoline', diesel and aviation drop-in fuels for today’s engines using well-established commercial processes.

Sundrop Fuels technology provides for complete flexibility to produce any type of renewable, liquid advanced biofuel, from biobased “green gasoline” to diesel and aviation fuels. These clean “drop-in” biofuels are fully compatible with today’s engines, pipelines and distribution infrastructure. In addition, these biofuels create immediate benefit for both consumers and the environment: A gallon of renewable gasoline contains more than 30 percent more energy value than a gallon of ethanol, while significantly reducing the amount greenhouse gas emissions put into the atmosphere compared to petroleum fuels.

Our process creates the highest fuel energy yield per ton of biomass of all biofuels processes. Our patented RP Reactor™ heat transfer technology, can produce as much as twice the output of either of the two typical gasification processes – entrained flow and indirectly-heated bed – as well as the biochemical process typically used to produce cellulosic ethanol on an energy equivalent basis.

A single Sundrop Fuels biorefinery will efficiently produce more than 200 million gallons of transportation fuel annually. We will replicate biorefinery units in targeted areas capable of producing more than a billion gallons annually by 2020 – representing more than five percent of the nation’s goal to produce 22 billion goals of advanced renewable fuels by 2022.

Sundrop Fuels has completed successful scale-up activities, including .06 MWt laboratory demonstrations. A pilot plant facility has been in operation since September 2009, with construction scheduled to begin in 2012 of a commercial demonstration facility producing more than 40 million gallons of fuel annually. Our next commercial biorefinery fuels unit is planned for completion by late 2016 producing more than 200 million gallons of fuel per year.

“Power” production has received ten times as much U.S. stimulus money as “alternative fuels.” Yet the facts show the advanced biofuels are the nation’s clearest – and cleanest -- path toward reducing dependence on foreign oil:

  • Renewable power has very little impact on how much oil the U.S. imports.
  • More than 90 percent of all oil imports are used for transportation fuel and chemical feedstock.
  • Despite funding the last 60 years of battery research, there is today no economically viable technology to broadly replace the nation’s millions of gas-powered vehicles with electric cars.
  • The carbon footprint for mass-producing electric car batteries is not what we would consider “green” and would only shift our dependence from foreign oil-producing countries to other countries for their raw materials.

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