Sensol Solar Technology Ltd.

- Model UNB5P Compact Series - Polycrystal Solar Module

Compact series are mainly used in LED streetlights, traffic lights, water quality and environmental data monitoring system, ocean buoys, small yachts, recreational vehicles, travel saloon cars as well as mini Off-Grid systems to meet customers’ needs. Products come in different types with 10W as a model, and also could be customized according to user’s special acquirements to specification and voltage.

  • Compact´s advanced cell processing technology and production facilities have produced a high efficient polycrystal solar module.
  • These 36 solar cells are encapsulated between a tempered glass cover and an EVA pottant with white tedlar back sheet to provide maximum protection from the severest environmental conditions.
  • The entire laminate is installed in an anodized aluminium frame to provide structural strength and ease of installation. They are also provided with a waterproof junction box.

  • Microwave / radio repeater stations
  • Electrification of villages in remote areas
  • Medical facilities in rural areas
  • Power source for summer vacation homes
  • Emergency communication systems
  • Water quality and environmental data monitoring systems
  • Navigation lighthouses, and ocean buoys
  • Pumping systems for irrigation, rural water supplies and livestock watering
  • Aviation obstruction lights
  • Cathodic protection systems
  • Desalination systems
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Railroad signals
  • Sailboat charging systems

  • Polycrystalline cell: 36pcs
  • Maximum Power: 5 Watts
  • Maximum Power Voltage: 16.9 Volts
  • Maximum Power Current: 0.29 Amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.5 Volts
  • Short-Circuit Current: 0.31 Amps
  • Length: 318 mm
  • Width: 183 mm
  • Depth: 28 mm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg

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