Sentinel Small Well Pad Flare



Developed specifically to address the needs of smaller well-pad sites, the Sentinel VariMach Flare provides high throughput in a small package, maintaining smokeless combustion at all flows without the need for assist air or gas. It meets all Quad O and 40 CFR 60.18 requirements, and comes standard in a tandem LP/HP configuaration with a fixed ignition/pilot system that provides 3MM and 6MM SCFD capacity with supply pressures as low as a couple of ounces. Standard unit height is 6 ft. makes it flexible to be used at grade in a burn bit, or with optional risers, it can be easily elevated to height. An optional Continuum ignition system will be available that will allow users to eliminate the need for pilot gas.

Developed specifically to address the needs of smaller well-pad sites across the shale plays, the Sentinel VariMach Flare provides high throughput capability in a small package, maintaining smokeless combustion at all flows. The high capacity of the Sentinel eliminates the need to couple-together multiple flares to handle the higher flows, reducing capital and maintenance costs, while minimizing operational problems due to unbalanced flows.

Fully compliant with 40 CFR 60.18, it meets/exceeds EPA 'Quad O' requirements, amongst which requires >95% VOC Destruction Efficiency and a Continuous Pilot. We however expect the Sentinel to deliver >99% VOC Destruction. Currently under development and to be released as a future upgrade is the AEREON Hot Surface Ignitor (HSI) system or a continuous sparking rod device (Continuum), which provides a redundant source of ignition if the pilot gas flows are interrupted for any reason, improving site safety and eliminating the need to shut in production if the pilot flame goes out.

The Sentinel VariMach Flare is sold standard as a 6 ft. long tip that can be quickly set up at ground level or mated to a riser for sites that require a taller flare set-up. Spring-loaded nozzles at the flare tip provide for higher velocities of exiting gas, that increase combustion effectiveness and reduce the potential for 'Liquid rain' that some operations experience using conventional flare systems.

AEREON can be your single source supplier for all of your gas and vapor combustion and/or recovery needs with high quality and cost effective options for:

  • Flares
  • Enclosed Combustors
  • Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs)
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Air Defender Oxygen Removal Units for battery tanks


  • Smokeless, efficient combustion with no visible emission, preventing fines
  • EPA 'Quad O' compliant reducing emissions in order to keep sites operating
  • 40 CFR 60.18 compliant for open elevated flares (>95% VOC destruction efficiently)

Reliability and Efficiency

  • Proprietary ignition system designed specifically for combustion products for a reliable source of ignition
  • Thousands of installed ignition systems prove reliability
  • Continuous pilot allowing you to meet 'Quad O' regulations
  • Continuously sparking pilot with low power consumption (1.6 amps)
  • Optional solar powered ignition panel with 2-week battery backup for reliable ignition when power is not available or for remote locations with no power on site

Infinite Turndown

  • Operates from purge to 100% capacity; operates smokeless throughout entire range of flows

Superior Design

Smokeless Combustion

  • Spring-actuated nozzles allow the exit area to vary with pressure, ensuring high velocity of exiting waste gas and 100% smokeless combustion
  • Proven technology guarantees sufficient inspiration of air plus rapid air/fuel mixing for clean burning

High Capacity

  • Double the capacity of typical wellpad flares, reducing the need for multiple flares
  • Dual HP/LP tips can handle multiple streams, reducing flaring footprint

Safety First

  • Design by world class combustion engineering group with a safety culture
  • Ignition system designed to eliminate electrical exposure in order to keep personnel safe, reducing reportable incidents

Low, Simple Maintenance

  • Guaranteed extended working life of pilot, thereby reducing component replacement and site downtime
  • High quality construction materials (310 stainless steel) increase working life of flare tips and pilot
  • Quick, easy installation for rapid onsite deployment, reducing the number of required onsite personnel
  • Standardized inventory item for quick delivery allows delivery of systems in less than 2 weeks

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