- Model Rx 2 KW - Rapid Deployment INVELOX (RDI)


SheerWind’s Rapid Deployment INVELOX (RDI) are ideal for military, emergency power, FEMA, Homeland Security, remote communities and missions. Increasing the output of conventional turbines, INVELOX captures, concentrates and accelerates wind to increase capacity factor.

Capture, accelerate, concentrate. These three words express the essence of SheerWind’s approach to wind power. The name INVELOX comes from this dedication to INcreasing the VELOcity of wind. What the technology produces—energy that is affordable, abundant, safe, and clean—is nothing short of revolutionary.

INVELOX funnels wind energy to ground-based generators. Wind is captured with a funnel and directed through a tapering passageway that naturally accelerates its flow. This stream of kinetic energy then drives a generator that is installed safely and economically at ground level.

Bringing the airflow from the top of the tower to ground level allows for greater power generation with much smaller turbine blades. It also allows for networking, allowing multiple towers to direct energy to the same generator. The unit is about 50% shorter than traditional wind towers and uses a ground-based turbine with blades that are 84% smaller. Fewer generators are required, so equipment and maintenance costs are lower. Most importantly, energy output is greater.


  • SheerWind’s innovative wind delivery system, INVELOX
  • Utilizes state of the art and commercially available turbines, generators, and control box
  • No noise, optical flickering, no radar cross section, minimum or no negative impact to wildlife, no negative influence on human health
  • Omnidirectional intake with no yaw system required
  • Auto wind speed control
  • Sunforce built-in power inverter
  • Remote performance monitoring (optional)


  • Military
  • Emergency Power
  • FEMA
  • Homeland Security
  • Remote Communities
  • Remote Missions


  • Power Capacity of Tower: 2kW at 27 mph (12 m/s)
  • Peak Power Capacity: 2kW
  • AEP (Annual Energy Production): 17,520 kWh @ 27 mph (12 m/s)
  • Speed Ratio: 2.6
  • Cut-in Wind Speed: 2 mph (~1 m/s)
  • Cut-out Wind Speed:
  • Furling Wind Speed: None
  • Maximum Design Wind Speed: 157 mph (70 m/s)
  • Nominal Rotor Speed: 0–1,000 rpm


  • Type: 3-blade upwind, horizontal axis
  • Rotor Diameter: 1.6 ft (0.5 m)
  • Blade Material: Fiber Glass
  • Gearbox: None
  • Over Speed Protection: Speed control, limit to 1400 rpm
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 140 F (-40 to 60 C)
  • Tower: Guyed and Non-Guyed
    • Height (Center of Intake to Ground): 23 ft (7 m)
    • Total Height (Top of Intake to Ground): 26 ft (7.9 m)
    • Intake Diameter: 13 ft (4 m)
    • Horizontal Section on Ground: 17.7 ft (5.4 m)
    • Intake Type: Omnidirectional
  • Generator: Sunforce, Permanent Magnet
  • Generator Capacity: 2kW
  • Inverter: integrated
  • No of Turbine-Generator Sets: 1
  • Remote Monitoring (Optional): via internet and smart phone

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