- Model G-TUBE - Graphite Tube Heat Exchanger



Made of graphite tubes cemented between two graphie tubesheets. The bundle is introduced in a metal or FRP shell. The corrosive medium flows in the tube side The service medium passes in the shell side through baffle made of graphite, metal or plastic. The complete unit is maintained under compression with our unique preprietary springs system STABLE LOAD

Two types of tubes proposed.
Our tubes GT-TUBE-A are adapted to high fouling process. With special surface properties, the fouling process is reduced allowing extended time between cleaning period. For application like phosphoric acid for fertilizer production, this tube bring lower operation cost at much competitive cost.  Our tubes GT-TUBE-B is designed for higher corrosion and temperature resistance.

Advantages of our graphite tubes type equipment:

  • Big heat transfer area available
  • High process / service section for big flow (up to 9,000 m3/h)
  • Gaskets limited at tubesheet location
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • STABLE LOAD® design of compression spring against stress fatigue
  • Errosion reinforcement as an option
  • Tubes are available with carbon fiber reinforcement for application with high vibrations and mechancial stress
  • Gasketed baffle on service side for cooler

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