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The Sigma solar house provides heating - cooling without fossil sources. A very friendly enviromental solution. Passive Solar Heating is the most cost effective means of providing heat to buildings. In general terms, the amount of solar energy that falls on the roof of a house is more than the total energy consumed within the house.

Passive and active solar applications, when included in initial building design, add little to the cost of a building, yet have the effect of realizing a reduction , from 10 up to 60 % , in operational costs and reduced equipment demand.

They are reliable, mechanically simple, a viable asset to a home. Situated on the roof of a home or building, Sigma solar heat collector technology is used for water heating, space heating, and space cooling.

Active solar application (solar house) includes:
  1. Sigma collectors (solar thermal energy),
  2. Sigma storage tank (hot water is transferred  in an insulated storage tank, where stored the central heat water and the hot use water),
  3. If the amount of hot water isn't enough, geothermal heat pump, starts working, contributing to the needed energy).
  4. a heating system (SCHUTZ made in Germany under floor heating systems, fan coils or panel radiators)
  5. controller - automatism.
Storage tank function is totally automatic, helping user to enjoy perfect living conditions.

It functions, this way:

Sigma storage tank contains water heated by Sigma solar collectors. This water is not under pressure and it remains the same playing the role of heat transfer to two exchangers: one plastic, connected with water supply network and a metal one connected with the heat network.

As a result, when hot water use is needed, cold water from water supply passes through the storage tank plastic exchanger and going out has the static water temperature. In the same way, central heat hot water before entering the pump will pass through the storage tank metallic exchanger gaining static water temperature.

As a result, when solar energy is enough for static hot water up to 70° C, geothermal heat pump will not operate at all, since the returning hot water temperature, will, already, be higher than needed (since underfloor heating uses 45° C hot water). As a matter of fact, central heat uses a percentage from the static water deposited energy, though the rest is used for hot water use.

This is a totally free of charge solar energy system used for both central heating and hot water use.

When static water has been heated in the highest temperature and no more solar energy is needed, then water circulating in Sigma solar collectors returns to the Sigma storage tank and in this way solar collectors are protected by overheating during summer and from freezing during winter.

When sun is not enough, during night or cloudy days, then the geothermal heat pump operates and heats central heating water.

If in the same time, hot water use is needed, then a three way valve opens and hot water circulates from the heat pump to the metallic exchanger. In this case hot water is heated by the pump.

Since Greece has more than enough sunny days, even during winter time, especially in Southern areas, it's obvious that this combination can achieve big energy and money savings, especially combining with low temperature heating systems (e.g. SCHUTZ underfloor heating system).

What is it?
If you use hot water for central heating , then why not heating this water with solar energy
instead gas or other fuel?

Why should I use it?
Space heating and cooling are big spenders in house hold requirements if you use fossil
fuel. Use instead solar energy that can heat water for free.

How should I do it?
First: proper insulation and passive planning.
Second: solar collectors, storage tanks and proper water supplying.

Planning and installation?

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