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Solar PV Panels with Tracking Device



Output of a solar PV panel system is at its best when the panels are facing the sun.  Solar PV tracking devices increase the time that the PV panels directly face the sun.  This substantially increases output.Solar tracking devices can increase performance by 15 to 40% when compared to a fixed panel system. The increase in output is one of the benefits of installing a PV tracker.  Additional benefits can include:

  • Image- A PV panel solar tracker makes a statement about your renewable energy commitments to customers and staff. A solar tracking device situated on a roof, carpark, grounds or gardens makes an instant impression.
  • Cost- a fully installed solar PV tracking device costs approx. £35 - £50K.  About the same as an executive car, whilst the car depreciates the solar PV Tracker is saving you money.
  • Space- solar PV trackers do not take up much space with 3.5m from the ground to the underside the space below can be used.
  • Planning permission- A solar PV tracking device is easier to get approval for than a wind turbine, it is not as tall and has no noise issues.
  • A solar PV tracking device can be well received by a local authority who are keen to promote renewable energy but who are less enthusiastic to encourage planning applications for wind turbines or other sometimes contentious alternative energy technologies.

The solar PV tracker is usually supplied as a 12, 18, 20, 40 and 80m² uniaxial or biaxial platform with monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels.In additional to the solar PV tracking device, solar panels and inverter you need to cost for the mechanical and electrical works including a ground survey for the foundations.

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