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Solar Simulator


Our solar simulator produces class AAA (according to the IEC60904-9:2007), steady-state sunlight using a unique and patented technology. Its positioning is highly flexible and results in a small footprint making it easy to use and ideal for various PV technologies and for all illumination tests from the IEC61215:2016. For solar module testing purposes, user-friendly IV-measurement equipment is provided with the solar simulation system.

Main characteristics
  • AAA-class sunlight, computer controlled dimming
  • Steady-state illumination
  • Large test area of 1500mm x 2000m
  • Operational under different angles
  • Small footprint & turn-key system
  • Low maintenance costs, 1800 hrs non stop operation
  • Suited for many IEC61215:2016 tests
  • Suited for ISO17025 accreditation
IV measurement system

The Eternal Sun IV characterization system enables precise measurement of PV module and PV cell characteristics. The system is suitable for all current and new (mono & poly silicon, thin-film and organic) PV technologies. Generate IV curves using the user friendly measurement software, perform analyses and determine all important parameters of your PV technology: power output, efficiency, open circuit voltage, and short circuit current.

Included in all models:
  • Mono Silicon Reference cell
  • Temperature sensor
  • User friendly software for Windows
  • Industrial computer
  • 19inch monitor
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Solar thermal test system for thermal collector testing
  • Independent third party certification of AAA-class
  • Wind generator / air cooling system
  • Bifacial backside solar simulator add-on (400W/m^2 diffuse)

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