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A&J Fabtech Ltd

Specialist Fabrications


Exotic materials, moving/machined parts, complex construction and assurance of quality compliance may exclude many general fabrication workshops and companies from involvement in projects but not A&J. We have invested in the skills, personnel and equipment necessary to design, manufacture and install high integrity, high quality fabrications, to the most stringent standards with full traceability, quality plans, third party inspection etc. Our teams have a vast combined experience that covers many industries and fabrication disciplines, almost guaranteeing that whatever specialist fabrication you require, A&J will have relevant experience somewhere within the company.

Recent projects have included Biomass and LowNOx burner units for coal fired power stations and Magnox boxes for the nuclear industry. Materials of construction for these items have included:

  • Stainless Steels 304, 316, 410 and 253MA.
  • Inconel 600
  • SA297 Grade HE Cast Steel

Specialist processes for overlay welding of Inconel and wear resistant hard facing materials have also been developed by A&J and used in a growing number of projects.

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