Guangzhou Sprsun New Energy Technology Development

- Model CGK/C-18 - air to water heat pump for heating + hot water

air to water heat pump for heating + hot water function, heating capacity 18kw, power supply 380v/3ph/50hz, R410A refrigerant, Copeland compressor, with 3-way valve installed to the system, heating & hot water function can be both achieved with hot water priority

Customer reviews

  1. By Luis Miranda on

    I have the CGK/C-18(T) heat pump. The AC (heating) was working last year but not anymore. HW (hot water) mode is qorking properly. Does someone face the same issue? I need to find out a solution. Many thanks

  2. By Fenny Zhang on

    Hi Luis, it is Fenny here from SPRSUN, hope you are fine! Regarding the heat pump issue, your case has already been followed up and our suggestion was to change the temperature sensor for the AC side. Have you changed the sensor? What is the update situation? Please contact your sales representative Ms Lily for further details, thank you!

  3. By Luis Miranda on

    Hi Fenny, the sensor issue is another problem different than the issue I mentioned here. In fact both are different. AC mode not working comes from long time and the sensor issue is more recently. I already replaced the sensor and the problem was not fixed. Then I think the problem with the sensor is with some part of the package, I mean for package sensor+cable+connector is the problem: That I need to replace it but the only information I have from Lily is the sensor impedance 5K Ohm. I need more details to get it in the local market. Lily requested to me to pay the shipment even is the heat pump was under warranty at that time. AC mode not working, as I said. is another problem. That problem was reported almost a year ago and the problem is still in the system. Then I decided to look for a solution asking if someone has faced a similar problem with a similar heat pump and if the problem was fixed and how, What's your rol in SPRSUN? Thanks Fenny, I hope you can help me

  4. By Fenny Zhang on

    Hi Luis, thanks for your message again, I am Lily's colleague. As I have checked with Lily, she has provided you a whole set of controller before to fix the problem, and Lily said she has sent you an email regarding this issue, please pay attention to you mail box and I believe she will provide you good after-sales service. Wish you all the best!