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- Model Fusions CO2 - Stepped Heating System



Fusions 10.6 CO2 Laser Stepped Heating System. Configured for 40Ar-39Ar geochronology analyses in conjunction with a noble gas mass spectrometer, the Fusions CO2 allows for the targeting and controlled (stepped) heating of mineral samples including feldspars and muscovites, in sections and grains, to their fusion point.

The Fusions CO2 has the capacity to irradiate sample surface areas up to 5.5 mm in diameter using a field-proven, RF excited, sealed CO2 laser that can be continuously adjusted in output power to > 50W. Unique beam-flattening technology converts the usual Gaussian beam profile to a flat, uniform heating distribution across the sample.

The Fusions CO2 is a fully integrated system including laser, coaxial beam delivery unit,  motorized zoom video microscope, XYZ motion control stages, variable spot size and ring light illumination for precision, line-of-sight imaging and targeting.

  • Laser :
    • 50 W RF-excited water cooled CO2 laser with controller & power supply
    • Continuously variable power from ~1W to max. output over 5000 steps
    • Water flow interlock
  • Viewing Optics and Video :
    • Video zoom microscope with anti-glare during fusions for live images
    • Motorized zoom magnification video microscope
    • Color CCD camera
  • Beam Delivery Unit (BDU) :
    • Motorized spot selection from ~150µm to 5.5mm
    • F/O ring light with software controlled variable intensity illuminator
    • BDU combines lasers, CCD, and ring light for coaxial/coplanar performance
    • Integrated adjustable iris
  • Motion Control :
    • Motion control tower supports and moves the laser, beam delivery unit and optical system over a stationary sample chamber (not included)
    • 50mm motorized XYZ travel, all axes
    • 1µm resolution
  • Electronics : 19' Rack Mount Electronics
  • Enclosure : Class IV laser enclosure and mounting hardware

  • Geochronometry
  • Noble Gas Isotope Ratio Analysis
  • Thermochronometry
  • 4He/3He Dating

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