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- Biodiesel Project


Bio-energy business is Biodiesel Project(Biodiesel Project:http://www.tirerecyclemachine.com/) of SUNY GROUP to carry out waste animal oil (used cooking oil) refinery, straw refining, food waste to oil refining and other organic matter, is one of the earliest and largest enterprise of biodiesel (organics refining) equipments, technology, research and development in China. Raw Material Biodiesel Project is suitable for All kinds of waste oil, like waste oil, waste cooking oil, plant seed oil,algal oil, waste animal oil, straw and other organic matter. Zhengyang Machinery is able to produce high quality biodiesel, asphalt, fatty acid methyl ester, environmental plasticizer, green surfactants (MES) and other products, By the Henan province and technical supervision inspection center has tested that the quality of products fully meet the 'Diesel Fuel Adjustable Share of Biodiesel BD100 National Standard' and reached the international leading standard.

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