Terraces and Canopys Photovoltaic System



Why don´t kill two birds with one stone, translucent terraces and high-quality photovoltaic systems all in one. A terrace canopy can extend living room and be a protected place outdoors. Important is the protection from rain snow and intensive sun rays. Our inroof terrace allows incidence of light and provides ptimum protection against external influences.


  • The PV- trend is definitely going towards small plants and selfsupport which can be realized without expensive financing.
  • Private consumption of electricity for households is becoming more and more interesting and so it can be contributed to the own consumption with a terrace or balcony.
  • The way to the local community can usually be saved as building permits are only required for very large buildings.
  • To avoid conflicts between close adjacent neighbors, their consent should be obtained in advance.

Esthetics on the roof

  • Our modules are light translucent up to 10% but not UV-translucent. The module frame is optically attractive, because it is black anodized and suitable with the cover shield, the module seal and the color of the cells.
  • The substructure consists of aluminium rafter. The rafters are laid lengthwise and a span of 3 meters can be reached.
  • With larger rafter profiles even 8 meters can be achieved.
  • The aluminium rafter profile is also available with powder coating and enables so an individual design of the roof terrace.
  • Even difficult solutions like edges or rounding we find solutions by manufacturing project-related dummy-modules.

Winter garden

  • The patented Galaxy rafters offer the possibility to fix insulation.
  • Like the installation of the solar modules on the upper side of the rafter profile, we can easily fix the insulation panes on the lower side.
  • In this way, the Galaxy inroof system can be also is used also for winter garden.

Winter advantage

  • Using the Galaxy Energy system closed roof surface will also give you a great winter advantage.
  • The completely without any screws passing through enable that snow simply slides off and this in return results in higher outputs during the winter time.

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