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Thermal Flow System



Cool more efficiently with Lyco’s exclusive Thermal-Flow™ system. Unique pre-heater and heat recovery functions conserve energy to save costs and return more on your equipment investment.

A Preheater Zone in the first half of the Cooker/Cooker unit absorbs heat pulled out of the product in the first half of the following Cooler/Cooler unit. This heated water is used to preheat incoming product prior to blanching. A Vapor-Flow® Steam Blancher uses less energy during the second step in this blanching process. By reducing the leaching of sugars, minerals and vitamins, steam blanching produces an increase in recovery of 1.86 percent or more over water cooking with improved product quality. The gentle agitation of Lyco’s rotary drum machines also significantly outperforms belt blanchers by guaranteeing perfectly uniform process results regardless of flow rates.

An Energy Recovery System in the first half of the Cooler/Cooler unit absorbs heat from the blanched product. A portion of these BTUs are captured and sent back to the Preheater. This heat raises the temperature of the water, which in turn, raises the temperature of the incoming product. Customers experience considerable energy savings because the only heat required is that added to reach the desired blanch temperature. Final cooling uses chilled water, fed into the second cylinder in a counter-flow fashion resulting in final product cooling at or below 50-55 F.

  • Increase recovery by 1.5 percent or greater
  • Realize greater than 50 percent reduction in boiler energy demand
  • Chilled water consumption reduced by 40 percent

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