Transvit Incorporated (TVI)

- Batch Gasifier for Medical Waste



A key characteristic of Batch Gasification is its clean emissions. The following characteristics collectively contribute to the excellent basic emissions of this process.

The large 23 hour batch sized chamber produces an environment of extremely “quiet” combustion. Most other designs use small chambers requiring continuous waste feeding.

This “batch” feature creates undisturbed waste materials. Instead of constant commotion and movement caused by continuous feeding, the waste is never moved from the instant of light off.

The large chamber allows for easier temperature and gasification control of non-uniform waste. A large face of the waste is being constantly exposed to temperature. Therefore the “average” waste characteristic of the large face changes very little compared to a continuous feed system, making control much more uniform.

It is easier to clean gasses which are already very clean from the gasification process. We can guarantee with high confidence that emissions following our equipment will more easily meet all standards than any other type of incinerator. Most of our systems have not required any additional auxiliary scrubbing equipment.

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