- Model R-Serie - Solar Module



Silevo’s Triex R-Series solar modules incorporate 72 individual hybrid tunneling-junction solar cells which deliver high performance and reliability. Designed for residential and small commercial applications where space is at a premium, R-Series can also be used for larger solar projects. R-Series modules come standard with a black frame providing an attractive aesthetic solution for your home or business.

  • Silevo’s proprietary hybrid tunneling junction cell technology combines High Efficiency, Exceptional Energy Harvest, and Manufacturing Excellence to deliver maximum return for your solar investment.

18.4% = Superior Efficiency
With efficiencies up to 18.4%, Silevo’s Triex solar modules are amongst the highest in the industry. Higher efficiency delivers more power in less space.

-0.27%/ºC + ARC = More Energy Output
Triex solar modules can generate up to 12% more energy than conventional solar modules due to their low temperature coefficient which aids performance in warm weather, and anti-reflective glass which boosts performance in low-light conditions.

6 Steps | Cu = Manufacturing Excellence
Silevo’s Triex technology incorporates premium materials with 6 core automated manufacturing steps to deliver value and performance. Triex modules are virtually LID & PID-free.

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