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Two-wire 4-20mA Loop Small Size Low Cost Signal Converter Transmitter



Two-wire passive analog signal VI conversion 10KV high isolation transmitter:ISOH V-4-20mA.

  • Unique high-efficiency signal loop power-taking technology,no external working power supply 
  • Two-wire VI conversion analog signal input and output 10KVAC high isolation
  • Analog voltage signal input, loop power supply 4-20mA current loop output mode
  • Can Input potential potentiometer signal: 0-2KΩ / 0-5KΩ / 0-10KΩ, etc.  Can input standard analog voltage signal: 0-    5V/0-10V/1-5V/0-75mV, etc.
  • (5V/3mA) regulated power supply can be provided at the input for circuits such as bridges 
  • Extreme accuracy and linearity over the full range, nonlinearity error < 0.1%
  • Small volume (46X22X12 mm), error level: 0.1, 0.2
  • Small size single row SIP 16Pin, UL94V-0 compliant flame retardant package

  • Displacement, potentiometer and other sensor voltage signal acquisition isolation
  • PLC / DCS control system matches sensor voltage signal
  • Load cell millivolt signal to 4-20mA analog signal
  • Multi-channel analog acquisition ground loop isolation and interference suppression
  • Sensor and transmitter 4-20mA signal isolation and VI conversion
  • Pressure sensor voltage signal acquisition isolation and long-distance transmission
  • Bridge (electronic ruler) detection circuit voltage signal isolation and distribution
  • Power instrumentation, medical equipment monitoring isolation barrier
  • DC, high voltage monitoring and isolation safety barrier for electric power and rail transit

SunYuan  ISOH V-4-20mA is the newly developed 10KVAC highest isolation voltage, small size (16 pin single line SIP16 Pin) low-cost passive two-wire sensor voltage signal to 4-20mA isolated transmitter module in the industry . The module can provide a set of 5V (3mA) function expansion power supply to the input circuit and supply power to the pre-stage circuit through the post current current loop feeding mode, and receive the voltage signal from the output of the pre-stage circuit, and output 4~20mA after isolation conversion. Standard two-wire current signal. The new product can realize high precision, high linearity 10KV anti EMC high isolation transmission and VI conversion between industrial field passive two-wire voltage sensor and instrumentation/PLC/DCS.
ISOH V-4-20mA product is designed as a low cost, small size, standard SIP16 Pin flame-retardant IC package that includes a signal modulation and demodulation circuit, a signal coupled isolation converter circuit and a VI conversion circuit. The product has the characteristics of wide output voltage range (12-36VDC), high conversion precision and good linearity. It is very convenient to use. Customers only need to add a small number of peripheral devices at the input end of the product to realize the distribution of voltage signals in the sensor and bridge (weighing) detection circuit of the electronic scale, displacement, potentiometer, etc. The product is small size and easy to install. It can be placed inside the sensor to directly convert the displacement and angular displacement resistance signals into a standard 4-20mA signal output. The full scale and zero point can be adjusted and calibrated by the user through an external potentiometer. The advanced integrated process structure and new technology isolation measures enable the device to achieve high signal isolation of 10,000 VAC.
ISOH V-4-20mA series new products enable analog voltage signals from industrial field sensors and signals between instrumentation, PLC and DCS, high-precision, high linearity 10KV anti EMC high-isolation transmission and VI conversion. Products include IC package and DIN35 Rail-mounted packaging. It is widely used in track voltage monitoring, generator or motor safe operation monitoring, power transmission and distribution remote monitoring, instrumentation and sensor signal transceiver, medical equipment safety barrier, industrial automation control. nuclear power equipment and other fields etc.
The Maximum product rating (long term operation in the maximum rated environment affects the service life of the product, and irreparable damage may occur beyond the maximum value.)

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