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Waste & Biomass Gasification Plant


CHO Power is a new concept of energy from residual waste recovery, based on the process of gasification and improved by recent technological advances in plasma torches. The CHO-Power process transforms waste into BioSynGas (syngas) through gasification. The high temperature generated from the plasma torch enables to produce a very pure syngas of which is appropriate to power a turbine or gas engine to generate electricity.

CHO Power electricity from waste and biomass production plant benefits:

  • electrical efficiency can reach 40%,
  • minimal environmental impact with very limited emissions and ultimate residue,
  • process accepts a wide range of fuel,
  • local, constant and reliable production,
  • the compact facilities are better accepted by local communities.

The CHO Power technology complements the existing waste sorting, recycling and composting processes.

The first CHO Power unit, CHO Morcenx (Landes, France) is under commissioning.

This unit is a unique technology demonstrator in Europe, and the first step in the Group’s ambition to become a major player in renewable energy from waste or biomass.

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