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A Waste-to-Energy (WTE) project can be difficult to organize and finance, unless it is done with TVI’s two phased approach. Transvit has purposely developed a simple and affordable method to build WTE, and proven it with more than 100 installations. It is specifically designed for poorer and developing cities, with undeveloped garbage collection infrastructure, a common cause of past WTE failure.

  • PHASE  is the elimination of the waste by gasification (incineration). This up to 200 TPD Phase 1 represents 10% to 15% of the full WTE plant cost.  With a TEMPORARY tipping fee bridge it is quickly paid for. And it immediately rids the city of the rotting, unhealthy piles of garbage.
  • PHASE 2  is energy recovery or electricity generation, and it can be added on at any time following Phase 1. This power generation is 85 to 90% of the full WTE plant cost and immediately profitable from Electric Power Sales. Phase 2, up to 400 TPD/8 MW, is very easily financed when Phase 1 is operational. WTE provides cheap electricity from 'free fuel' that is such a blessing to people.

Where garbage cleanup is a health and environmental issue, and where cheap electricity is needed, this two phased construction is a practical and doable solution for any city..

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