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The Eureka Heat Winner is a fully-insulated, ready-to-install compact heat exchange unit ft is available as a single exchanger unit or with miitipje exchangers located within a single housing. The Eureka Heat Winner is ideally suited for the production of Low Grade Hot Water (LGHW) for space heating purposes.

Universal Application
The Eureka Heat Winner is suitable for a multitude of applications including food retail, butchers' shops, bakeries, restaurants and catering establishments, supermarkets and factories. It is generally applied where

  • Waste heat is produced by commercial and industrial refrigeration plant.
  • The amount of waste heat available is greater than that required for hot water services.

Hot Water at 30 - 45 °C
The Heat Winner is coupled with a circulating pump. Water is heated in increments and pumped around the heating system.
Note: The flow temperature is not normally higher than the refrigerant condensing temperature.

Simple Installation
The design of the Eureka Heat Winner is borne out of considerable practical experience. Suitable tor either wall or floor mounting, its compact construction occupies minimum space. De-scaling and cleaning is all straight-forward procedure. Where multiple exchangers are specified, these are accommodated within a single insulated housing and parallel-connected to form a single pair of water manifofds. Each exchanger is fitted with a water regulating valve which enables the correct water flow rate and hence capacity to be achieved.

Multiple Connections
The Heat Winner is able to harness the condenser waste heat from several refrigeration units. The selected heat exchangers are located in a housing insulated with CFCfree poly urefnane foam. Integration with fne LGHW heating circuit requires only one cold water and one hot water connection. By adjusting the regulating valves the flow through each exchanger can be set to achieve full condensation.

Heat Exchanger
Eureka tube-in-tube heat exchanger with refrigerant passing in contra-flow to water. The design ensures excellent heal transfer performance as well as fne problem-free return of liquid refrigerant.

Each Heat Winner is supplied complete with at CFC-free, wipe-clean, insulated housing. The insulation comprises two half-shells and top and bottom covers. For public buildings a fire-ret ardent insulation (Class B1) is available as an extra cost option.

Delivery Content
Eureka Heat Winner unit complete with insulationThe refrigerant circuit is evacuated and filled with a dry nitrogen holding charge to refrigeration industry standards.

Where multiple heat exchangers are accommodated within a single housing, the exchangers are factory premanifolded to provide single-point water flow and return connections. Manifolds terminate in compression fittings with sweat connections for the continuation pipework. For special applications the refrigerant stubs may also be parallel connected to provide a single pair of refrigerant inlet/outlet connections. Heat exchangers are fitted with regulating valves which incorporate visual flow indicators These enable the required capacity of each exchanger to be easily set on-site. The regulating valves are also provided with a shut-off facility as an aid to installation and commissioning.

Two Years Guarantee
The Heat Winner is manufactured to the highest quality standards using only the best materials available. Eureka guarantee the Heat Winner for a period of two years.

Storage Cylinders
To complement their hot water systems Eureka also offer a range ot buffer cylinders from 300 litres to 2000 litres storage volume. All cylinders are thermally insulated enabling water to be stored over prolonged period without significant tem-

Two diffeient housing sizes are available. Some exchanger rrodels cannot be fitted into certain housing sizes (see above table). The housing size 2 can accomrmdate more and larger exchangers than housing size 1. lb select the smallest possible housing size add together the individual exchanger heights to derive the total installed height. Housing size 1 can accommodate exchangers with a total installed heght=640 mm housing size 2=1370 mm.

The above listed capacity values are nominal capacities (Q|\| using R134a) based en a temperature difference (At) of 15K between condensing temperature (tK) and the water entering temperature (tWE). The diagram below shows the relationship between capacity and varying temperature difference.

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