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- Model APOLLO M1 - Wireless Cameras for Crane

Scarlet Tech’s Apollo M1 wireless solar safety crane camera system integrates the innovative solar technology with high-definition wireless cameras to reinvent a highly reliable cost-effective safety solution for cranes. Compatible for any crane types such as tower, mobile, crawler, luffing, etc.

Front: Hook Cam| Back: Winch Cam

Wide-angle Hook View & Winch View Cameras allow the operator to have unobstructed views and audio confirmation of the load and surroundings inside of the cabin.

User-Friendly Touchscreen Monitor

Ultra-bright 600 lm sunlight readable LCD display.
Support up to 4 channels of FHD instant view. Easy tap to zoom in/out and recording playback. Keep everything in sight.

Waveguide Technology Solar Power Battery

Scarlet's smart solar power battery use waveguide Mono-Si Solar Panel that collects wide spectral of diffused sunlight light, more efficient and produce more power than traditional ones. 24hrs sustainable power supply, free from power anxiety and maintenance interruptions. 

Smartphone 4G Live View

Apollo Cam app turns your phone into a portable surveillance station through wireless 4G technology. Allows you to monitor multiple live audio-visual feeds and take high-quality snapshots on the go.

  • Increase Work-site and Lifting Awareness.The crane operator now can clearly see the rigger and able to instantly verify the location of the hook block and the load.
  • Eliminate lifting blind spots. It enables the operator to clearly see and verify critical details of lifts.
  • More lifting control.The clear visibility from crane camera increases the operator’s ability to make a more confident and safer decision which reduces possible fatal injuries and crane accidents.
  • Save time, increase productivity, save costs.The operator can now move loads in less time and more accurately. Improve operating efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced fatal injuries and crane accidents also equal to cost-saving, minimizing expensive medical bills and potential lawsuit claims.
  • Improve communication with on-ground personnel. Radio commands from the dogmen or rigger can be confirmed visually by the crane operator without pressure and hesitation caused by blind spots.


1.Smart Solar Power Battery Station
Dual battery function of waveguide solar energy and Li-ion battery powers the camera for 24/7 non-stop operation. Continuous power supplies up to 30 hours without sunlight.

2.Hook View Camera
Wide-angle downward camera installed on the hook block gives an unobstructed/rigging details view.

3.Winch View Camera
Wide-angle camera installed on the winch/sides of the crane gives full-range operational views.

4.Touchscreen Monitor
Monitor real-time video/audio streaming and automatic recordings from crane cabin. The user-friendly interface lets any crane operator know how to use the monitor quickly without feeling overwhelmed.

5.Apollo Cam Smartphone App
Live stream audio-video feed on your smartphone via 4G technology for remote monitoring.