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- Low Temperature Gasification System


WtGas is the core technology of the Entech-Tru-RES™.  It’s based upon a low temperature gasification process that converts waste from its solid to gaseous form of syn-gas (a methane like gas), so that it can be fired to generate energy; with emissions that are cleaner than firing of any fossil fuel (including natural gas!).  The WtGas renewable energy system adopts ENTECH™ patented technology that has been proven in a broad range of commercial applications. The WtGas system is as described below.

Process Description

The heart of the WtGas system is the syn-gas production stage, where the ENTECH™ Pyrolytic Gasification Chamber:

  • Receives the waste or biomass and subjects it to low temperature-substoichiometric gasification; so as to heat and convert it into methane like gases high in CO, CH4 & CnHn hydrocarbons, which are referred to as syn-gas.
  • The process is around 1/20th the air input and around 1/50th the velocity and turbulence of conventional combustion, which maximises the volatility of the syn-gas, plus minimizes entrainment of pollution concerns into it.
  • This results in the syn-gas being a relatively clean gas that's available for immediate utilisation without further refining or treatment.
  • The feedstock of the gasification process is subjected to regular churning and stoking by the ENTECH™ Churning, Stoking & Distribution System (patent applied for) so as to expose all matter to the actual gasification process.
  • The feedstock is processed over a period of around 16-24 hours to ensure complete gasification.

The WtGas system key to energy efficient and environmentally superior utilisation of the syn-gas is the ENTECH™ Syn-Gas Burner (patent applied for), which:

  • Receives the syn-gas and fires it instead of fossil fuel.
  • Adopts conventional high efficiency / low NOx burner design with staged processes of pre-mixing to LEL, ignition and oxidation.
  • The burner staged process also results high DRE (destruction rate efficiency) of POP's (principle organic pollutants) such as VOC's, PAH's, nitro-PAH's and dioxins.
  • With the syn-gas containing negligible pollution concerns and the firing of the syn-gas achieved at high efficiency and high DRE; the resulting off-gas consists primarily of CO2 and water vapour.

The syn-gas produced by the WtGas system is fired to power boilers and like devices to produce steam and/or electricity. After firing the off-gas is subjected to cleansing via an air quality control system, with resulting emissions complying with worldwide emission regulatory requirements. In fact, based upon US-EPA official reports the emissions are cleaner than firing of any fossil fuel (including natural gas!). Go to the Environmental Benefits page for verification.

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