- Model M-21 - Mid Size / Small Wind Turbines 100 KW Direct Drive, Suited for Extreme Average Winspeeds and Typhoon Proof


The M-21 is a direct drive 100kW windturbine Class IA = hig average windspeed and windgusts up to 70m/s Fits in only one 40 foot container Tower is available in a free standing tower and guy wired tower which has a crane-less installation Concrete-less foundation available Cold Climate package including blade heating available Hot climate package available, including water-cooled convertor Optional Energy storage available The XANT M is the ideal mid size / small wind turbine for OFF GRID, rural electrification, hybrid and distributed energy projects. Are you active in pig or poultry farming, water irrigation, water treatment, desalination, then the XANT wind turbine is a match for you! Are you a water or electricity utility then the XANT will allow you to produce economic energy kWh.

100 KW

  • Class IA
  • 21m Rotor Diameter
  • Tilt Up or Standing Tower
  • Ready for Cold & Hot Climate

Crane Less Installation Services

XANT wind turbines can be erected without a crane, effectively halving the installation costs when compared to bringing a crane on-site. XANT tilt-up towers need only 5 smaller foundations and can even be concrete-less if cement is as hard to get by as a crane on your remote site!

Easy Maintenance Services

XANT turbines have no components requiring a lot of maintenance (gearbox, pitch system). More complex components such as the converter and control system are easily accessible at ground level. In the case of a tilt-up tower, all maintenance operations can be done on-ground.

Easy Transport Services

XANT turbines are shipped in standard 40-ft containers, this dramatically reduces the transport cost and ensures parts arrive on-site undamaged. The container can be kept on-site for housing the converter and to double as a control room or battery- storage.

Certified Design & Performance Services

The XANT M design has been reviewed by DNV-GL in 2011 and a more detailed assessment has been performed by Tüv-Süd in 2017. Power curve and acoustic noise production have been verified by accredited bodies.

Customized Colours Services

Why should turbines be white? XANT turbines blend in with the landscape or become your revenue-generating marketing tool. Create a beacon of your sustainability ambition by rebranding our turbines in your corporate colors.

Fit for Microgrids

XANT turbines offer the features microgrids are made of: local voltage management by reactive power control, fast curtailment for rapid frequency response,integrated storage for maximum resilience, power forecasting for smart dispatching. In addition, XANT turbines speak multiple (control) languages and give full operational insight to the microgrid operator.

Peak Performance Services
XANT wind turbines have little respect for engineering conventions. Our turbine blades go beyond stall-as-usual thanks to their aeroelastically-tailored geometry. This reduces mechanical loads during storms while maintaining optimum efficiency in low and moderate wind speeds.

Low Cost of Ownership
XANT wind turbines offer a high reliability where it matters most: in remote locations with difficult access and thus lengthy and costly repairs. The most failure-prone parts have been eliminated ensuring maximum availability at minimum cost.

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