- Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


The Kliux Zebra vertical axis wind turbine is ideal for urban and residential environments as well as for off-grid locations with no connection to the electricity grid, and it can also be integrated with our hybrid wind solar system. It starts to rotate at low wind speeds, while generating enough energy to power your home or business. Save from day one: you will no longer have to worry about future increases in the price of electricity tariffs. Ideal for urban environments: our wind turbine makes virtually no noise, which makes it especially suitable for installation in residential and urban environments such as pedestrian walkways, squares, parks and bike paths. Direct application in buildings, condominiums, private homes, cottage accommodation and hotels is also possible.

Wind Turbine Assembly Components

  • Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) Kliux Geo1800.
  • Gear box. Three-phase Permanent Magnet Generator.
  • Steel mast with anti-corrosion painting protection.
  • Wind inverter Etesian Mini 2600, 2kW, 230 Vac, 50 Hz (Santerno).
  • GSM Communications module (optional).
  • Weather station (optional).

Wind Turbine Dimensions And Weights

  • Rotor + Generator and transmission´s weight: 116,67 kg. + 120,37 kg = 237,04 kg.
  • Mast Weight: starting at 232,6 kg.
  • Rotor’s diameter: 2,36 m.
  • Rotor’s / Transmission’s height: 3 m / 0,83 m.
  • Mast height: starting at 6 m.

Wind Turbine Yields

  • Nominal power: 1.800 W.
  • Start up speed: 3,5 m/s.
  • Disconnection wind speed: not applicable. Aerodynamic brake.
  • Maximum rotation speed: 106 RPM.
  • Noise at 6m/s and of 10 m. distance: 32’6 dBA.
  • Durability: 25 years.

Additional Information

  • Blades’ material: Expanded polyurethane.
  • Rated output voltage: 230 Vac.
  • Certifications: ISO: 9001, 14001 y CE.
  • Certifications in progress: IEC 61400 -2/ -11/ -12, AWEA 9.1, BWEA 2009 Standard.


At Kliux Energies we deal with your project from start to finish. We have a Project Technical Office which will be responsible for the overall management of your project.

  • Feasibility study of the site and size required: Based on your energy needs, existing facilities, natural resources and location, our technical and financial professionals will perform a study to determine the feasibility of the site as well as its ROI.
  • A proposal that meets your needs: Once the studies have been completed, we will make a customized proposal with the best possible location for your facility to cover your energy needs.
  • Managing permits and aids: You will not need to worry about anything as we will advise you on the permits required and aid available in the region where you want your facility.
  • Planning and execution of the installation: Our technicians and specialists will deal with the installation of your distributed power generation system so that you can start saving from day one.

Customer reviews

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    Excellent looking wind turbine. Completely quiet. Fast installation process.