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  • A Heated Discussion on Lead-Acid Batteries

    A Heated Discussion on Lead-Acid Batteries

    Having just endured one of the hottest Julys on record, many people have been subjected to extremely hot environments lately. And, in some cases, where their bodies have produced or absorbed more heat than they could dissipate, people have been experiencing an abnormally high body temperature due to the failure of their body to thermoregulate. This is called hyperthermia. In fact, as I wrote ...

  • Octane Testing-Gasoline from Gas

    Octane Testing-Gasoline from Gas

    Octane engine is used for gasoline octane testing. Gas to Gasoline or Gas-to-Liquids, it is a more economical and cleaner way to convert natural gas into gasoline and other liquid fuels. Several ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Multi-Effect Heat-Recovery Belt Dryer

    Multi-Effect Heat-Recovery Belt Dryer

    Heat pump + mesh belt + insulation board are combined in one integrate module, thus structural airtight performance is improved, on-site installation is facilitated. Condenser and evaporator as well as refrigerant pipelines all are not made of copper, but advanced stainless steel. The heat pump support adopts SUS316L, improving product corrosion resistance. Two modules share one blower and the ...