FBM Hudson Italiana (SPA)

FBM Hudson Italiana (SPA)

After Sales Services


The After Sales service unit of FBM Hudson Italiana has been active for over 25 years in various jobsites worldwide. It has been strengthened and re-organized to meet the ever increasing quality standard requirements and increasingly tighter job performance schedules at competitive prices.

Important and complex repair work on Urea and Ammonia equipment is now more commonly performed at the job site to minimize down time. Both FBM Hudson Italian and Process Engineering Companies share a concern over maintenance problems of HP equipment, given the plant’s critical operation conditions. This concern is focussed on safety during operation stemming on loss of production.

Our effort is also aimed at finding out new systems that would make it possible to carry out important and complex repairs in situations such as:

  • complete re-tubing of heat exchangers, strippers, carbammate condensers, etc.
  • complete or partial replacements of the corroded internal reactor linings and other high pressure equipment;
  • complete replacement of nozzles

All repair activities are planned so as to ensure that they are performed during the scheduled shutdown, optimising safety and productivity at the same time.

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