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Agricultural Advice `Agro-BioGas`


Agro-BioGas helps the operator to efficiently manage resources and capacities, in particular considering that today’s biogas plants are operated collectively and often have various suppliers. Agro-BioGas is logical and user-friendly, easy to familiarise with. It deals with all the tasks regarding production of the energetic plants as well as other energy sources (manure, waste). The transparent inventory management gives you the information whenever it is needed, where each quantity of energy source have to be ordered from, which delivery method has to be considered. Furthermore, the system allows you to keep fields under control.

Integrated raw material management
Agro-BioGas integrated raw material management has significant supervisory and planning functions, thus ensuring a smooth and effective plant management. The change in the silo filling levels in the storehouse can be screened at all times; moreover, a silo filling maximum and minimum level can be established. The system is automatically and accurately designed to signal every time a raw material is running low in the silo or the manure is approaching its capacity limit. The operator will then have a number of planning and action options open before limit values are reached. For instance, when corn is running low in a silo, the system will show corn levels in the other storehouses in the perimeter.

Perfect start:
Output data for self-propelled forage harvesters
Authorities require high-standard paper work when cultivable land is transformed for biogas production. It is required to state from where is the origin of the energy source. That is the reason why AGROCOM, brings in his experience and leadership in the in the field of crop mapping from the combine harvester to the utilisation of self-propelled forage harvesters. The solution delivers accurate test reading of the chaff production through CLAAS JAGUAR models. This also allows the settling of accounts according to exact figures instead of relying on the usual stock evaluation through scales.

The whole process management in one software

The management programme keep records of each production process. The exact quantities of energy used, energy produced and spread residual are easily calculated. Material flows can be monitored altogether on a graph by a mouse click; so you will be able to foresee a clear planning of supply, conversion and logistics.

Improving methane yield

Biogas is produced by a number of energy sources with different ratios of energy yield. The programme shows from where the different energy sources can be extracted in order to obtain the optimal mixture for a profitable biogas production. For example, it shows who should supply what in which quantity in order to gain a profitable methane production. Agro-BioGas Assessment and Planning Tool breaks down production costs according to crops, i.e. grass, corn or cereals. Prices of raw materials and of methane pro/ton can be included in the supplying planning, thus improving agricultural enterprises’ and farmers’ crop production.

So that everything works out

Agro-BioGas integrated raw material management system is designed to address the issue of biomass conversion. When a biogas manure silo reaches its maximum level, the programme will indicate an alternative stock or fields where the residual can be spread in the view of respecting the nutrient-balance requirement.

  • The exact quantity of biogas residual will be calculated beforehand and, when containers are full, dispatched to the right fields in due time.
  • Information on storage, crops and distance is available to grow the right crops at the right time of the year
  • An analysis assessing where energy sources are extracted and to whom biogas residual is supplied is just a mouse-click away.
All functions for a proper bookkeeping

Requirements and duties of each and every part can be found in Agro-BioGas system. Proper bookkeeping clearly plays a fundamental role in plant management. The system is designed to integrate data from different sources and enter them directly into the accounting programme, thus settling the farm accounts.

AGRO–NET Mobile edition – on the way to success

AGRO–NET Mobile edition is ideal for field records, handling paperwork, land management and surveying, and soil sampling and rating on site. The system shows where drivers are, when they reached the place and when they will leave. Every activity regarding the business is entered into the system, as well as money transactions, journeys from one location to the other and transports. Obstacles and weeds are signalled (i.e. bank strips). A precise processing perimeter is carried out showing where a product has been supplied and where not. Automatically the application of residue will be dealt with according to the legislation ruling the residues and plant protection.

Mobility with Agro-Net mobile edition

AGRO–NET Mobile edition is ideal for field records, land management and surveying, and soil sampling and rating on site. All required paperwork on the application of residues will be dealt with according to residues and plant protection legislation. The software Agro-BioGas will substantially contribute to the management of your biogas plants, as it was specifically developed for this purpose. It can therefore handle complex, essential matters concerning all biogas plants, such as public utility companies.

Always on the safe side

The Government highly subsidise biogas plants. However, specific documentation is required by the European Union in order to apply for state funding; moreover, strict monitoring will be conducted. Agro-BioGas system will help your farm or enterprise calculate the exact quantity of energy used, energy produced and biogas residual produced.

  • Agro-BioGas documentation fulfils all prescribed legal documents, including distinctions made between renewable primary product and energy plants that were grown.
  • Furthermore, it shows the ways to avoid violation of special requirements (i.e. water protection) in the field of biogas residue spreading.
  • Balanced nutrient-balance assessments will no longer be a nuisance thanks to our crop and fertiliser spread planning graph.

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