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An important part of maintaining overall SCR performance is proper distribution of the ammonia (NH3) to NOx ratio, requiring regular evaluation and tuning of the ammonia injection grid (AIG). The proper distribution of ammonia reduces ammonia slip, ammonium bisulfate (ABS) fouling, improves catalyst longevity, and reduces overall SCR operational expense and maintenance.

Concord Environmental possesses the engineering experience to maximize current SCR performance and, if required, make adjustments to the AIG design to improve performance on existing HRSG, boiler, simple cycle and IC engine plants.

Inspection of the AIG distribution should be completed annually and tuned as needed.

Concord Environmental has the instrumentation and expertise needed to diagnose and optimize your AIG performance, including:

  1. Inspection and tuning of the AIG
  2. Measuring the NH3 to NOx ratio, as well as flue gas distribution
  3. Understanding activity and projecting catalyst life

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