Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek Caleb Brett

Algae Biofuel Testing Service



Testing, research and inspection for algae produced biofuels. Intertek tests the biofuel quality, and components of biofuels, made from algae, helping fuel researchers, producers and users reduce and avoid issues caused from contaminated or out-of-specification biofuels. Technologies for production of biofuels from algae include usage of waste-stream CO2 from industrial plants, which promotes the growth of algae that can then be converted into fuel-grade ethanol and biodiesel. Intertek biofuel laboratories support algae produced biofuels research and development programs with a wide range of analytical testing capabilities.

  • Micro-algae Growth Rate Determination (at a given set of conditions, analogous to corrosion testing).
  • Nutrient Effects (maximize oil content)
  • Silicon Content
  • Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen (CHNO) Analysis
  • Metals Content of Algae
  • Total Oil Content of Algae
  • Composition of Algae Oil (including metals and triglycerides)
  • Research and Development Support
  • Quality Control in Manufacturing on Algae Farms
  • Pilot Plant Testing to Convert Algae Oil to Jet and Diesel fuels
  • Biocrude Delayed-Coking
  • Testing of Biofuel Jet Fuel and Diesel Products

Intertek biofuel laborartories in the Americas, Europe and the Far East provide the expertise and capabilities required for biofuel testing. Biofuel customers enjoy rapid testing, reliable results, and a competitive value through our international network of laboratories and offices. Intertek is an expert regarding Biofuel quality control, contamination issues, quality confirmation, trace residual analysis and related quality services.

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