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Thousands of CO2 emitting power plants and industries face a costly problem in reducing their CO2 emissions. Typical coal-fired power plants emit flue gas from their stacks containing up to 13% CO2. It is estimated that power plants produce over 30% of all greenhouse gases worldwide. In today’s trend, there is an urgent need for industries and power plants to reduce their CO2 emissions in order to control global warming. What if these companies and power plants could use algae to absorb the CO2 and generate biofuels in return? This is precisely what companies and power plants around the world are beginning to explore.

Algae, especially microalgae consume CO2 in large amounts. Each ton of algae produced consumes nearly 1.8 ton of CO2 and releases large amounts of oxygen necessary for life. Use of algae for carbon capture benefits in two ways – an effective solution by which power plants can reduce their net CO2 emissions & the algae grown can be used as an effective feedstock for biofuels.

With increase in demand for a suitable cost-effective solution for carbon capture, a number of industries and power plants are keen on exploring algae based business opportunities.

Oilgae’s Consulting Division provides specialty custom research and strategic consulting for these industries.

  • Owing to the fact that high purity CO2 gas is not required for algae cultivation, flue gas containing CO2 and water can be fed directly to the photobioreactor.
  • Power plants that are powered by natural gas or syngas have virtually no SO2 in the flue gas. The other polluting products such as NOx can be effectively used as nutrients for micro algae.
  • Microalgae culturing yields high value commercial products that could offset the capital and the operation costs of the process, at least to some extent. In addition to biofuels, algae are also the starting point for high-protein animal feeds, agricultural fertilizers, biopolymers / bioplastics, glycerine and more.
  • The entire process is a renewable cycle.

Algae CO2 capture

Business opportunities exist both for companies that are CO2 emitters as well as for external businesses such as consulting and engineering companies that are willing to work with power plants to make the algae-based CO2 sequestration and biofuels production a reality.

In addition to power plants, algae can be grown on flue gases emitted from many other industrial sources as well. Examples of other industries that emit significant amounts of CO2 are:

  • Cements
  • Iron & Steel
  • Petrochemicals
  • Sugar
  • Tyres
  • Carbon Black
  • Mining
  • Aluminium
  • Paper
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Breweries

Oilgae’s Consulting focusses on providing strategic and market focused suggestions and recommendations to industries and power plants. With our extensive network and contacts with scientists and research community, Oilgae can also further assist them in collaborating with scientists and/or technical solutions providers.

Our core offering however is to enable our clients understand the market, business and strategic potential for algae-based businesses.

Oilgae is one of the very few firms in the world that has had a dedicated focus on algae-based carbon capture and solutions for a decade. Starting with the research on the use of algae for biofuels, our scope of work widened about 6 years back into providing market and strategic assistance for power plants and industries looking for a cost-effective solution to reduce net carbon dioxide emission.

The following are the reasons why you should take Oilgae’s consulting assistance for your foray/investment into algae-based carbon capture:

  • More than ten years with a focus on market research for algae-based carbon capture and solutions
  • Have consulted for the likes of La Farge & Reliance
  • Our research has been used by over 1000 prominent companies and organizations worldwide
  • Highly networked with over 1000 industry experts worldwide
  • Run the world’s most popular online resource for algae business – oilgae.com
  • Publish the most acclaimed report on the topic – Comprehensive Guide for Algae based Carbon Capture

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