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Alternate Energy Monitoring


As new sources of alternate energy become economical, monitoring/recording equipment is required to verify efficiency and economics. Enetics continues to develop specialized recorders for these applications, the first of which is the SPEED PV Recorder for residential Photovoltaic applications.

In cooperation with their energy supplier, energy users in increasing numbers are opting to equip their homes with alternate energy generating sources. Fuel cells, photo-voltaic arrays, wind turbines, and internal combustion generators are among today’s most common forms of alternate energy sources.

In many cases the energy generated from the alternate source is fed back through a synchronizing inverter so that the alternate source can be tied back to the grid and used transparently in conjunction with the utility’s conventional energy supply. In addition to the need for true net metering, owners of alternate energy equipment are interested in being able to see trending of power delivered by the alternate generating source, as well as aggregated data showing energy delivered over any arbitrary period of time.

Enetics offers products to support residential installations in which alternate energy generating sources are in use. The LD-1203AES recorder, together with associated software combine to provide the utility and the user:

  • Whole building trended demand and energy consumption data, inclusive of the alternate energy source
  • Trended energy generation data for the alternate energy source alone
  • Trended energy consumption data for individual appliances using Enetics SPEED™ technology

In a word, Enetics’ LD-1203AES recorder provides all the capability and functionality of our LD-1100 and LD-1200 non-intrusive end-use monitors plus the additional capability to track the energy output delivered by the alternate energy source.

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