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Anaerobic digestion (AD) is emerging in the UK as an important technology that will play an important part in the UK’s renewable energy targets for 2020, as well as providing users with a range of more immediate benefits. AD is already established in some European countries, and there is a strong determination in the UK that we become a world leader in AD expertise. This determination is creating a growing UK market, with positive and exciting business and commercial opportunities. Anaerobic digestion is one of North Energy’s emerging key services.

The process of AD uses natural bacteria to treat a range of biodegradable materials (feedstock) such as agricultural waste - manure and slurry, as well as commercial food waste, in approved plant. This process produces renewable energy in the form of methane rich biogas. This gas is captured and can be used locally or injected into the grid for heat and power, as well as transport fuel.

AD offers important economic, environmental and social benefits to rural economies, as well as commercial initiatives. It diverts food waste from landfill; the residue from the treated feedstock (digestate) can be used as agricultural fertiliser and soil conditioner, replacing chemical alternatives; methane capture; and minimization of slurry pollution of water which has been identified as a key issue by the Environment Agency. These benefits can lead to improved commercial viability of farms, and to job creation and stability.

Even though AD is currently an emerging technology, legislative and regulatory implications still need to be observed. However, this should not deter the consideration of AD for a range of applications, and the North Energy team can help to guide any interested parties through feasibility and assessment of appropriate technology and plant, to carbon calculation, life cycle analysis, and ultimately towards planning success. The North Energy AD team comprises in-house specialist knowledge, and highly experienced associate support that offers clients a comprehensive AD service.

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