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From the beginning, bhsl have strived to supply customers with a service and not just sell boilers. The bhsl technology breakthrough may be applied to a wide variety of renewable fuels that previously would not have been considered for combustion. The high ash content of these fuels is especially hard wearing on plant equipment and as such bhsl have become experts in operating and maintaining this equipment so the customer can keep their focus on what is most important to them – their core business.


All bhsl FBC units are sold with an ongoing Service Management & Assurance contract. The plant is linked to the bhsl 24/7 Operations Centre which continuously gathers operational information as well as providing clients with a non-stop phone support. Unit problems are automatically raised up to the operations centre where a technician can log on and adjust or reset the plant remotely, or contact the client to perform limited interventions by trained farm staff.

The operations centre also manages all planned and unplanned maintenance provided by local boiler technicians. This ongoing servicing is essential to keep the plant operating reliably and efficiently.


bhsl have developed a range of FBC units to provide 85 degrees Celsius hot water for processes such as agricultural heating, district heating, rendering processes and so on.

In the UK, the heat used in homes, public buildings, businesses and factories is responsible for around half of all energy consumed, and accounts for roughly half of all carbon emissions. According to Greg Barker (Minister of State Department of Energy and Climate Change)… “Taking action now to switch from fossil fuels to cleaner and more sustainable green sources of heat will reduce the impact that our heat requirements have on the environment and help ensure the UK has an energy supply that is safe, secure and reliable.”

bhsl is ready to meet this call to arms and provide customers with renewable heating solutions utilising existing biomass or other by-products they already have on site.


Where sufficient biomass exists there is potential for electricity generation in addition to heat. This is called Combined Heat and Power (CHP). bhsl have trialled a solution using an externally fired gas turbine (EFGT) and will bring a product to market in 2012.

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