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ABO Wind Energías Renovables S.A.

Bio Energy


Energy from biomass plays an important role in the mix of renewable energies. Biogas can be stored and transformed into electricity and heat in combined heat and power plants on demand. So far, ABO Wind has developed seven biogas plants with a total capacity of about 6.6 megawatts, including a feed-in installation that feeds biomethane into the natural gas grid. ABO Wind has bought – and is seeking to purchase – existing biogas plants, and with the expertise of our experienced engineers and technicians, we optimize or completely repower them to be more profitable. The Operational Management Department takes sustained care of biogas plants. We optimize output, make contracts with providers of biomass, and keep the system running smoothly. Our biogas plants run on renewable raw materials or on waste materials such as chicken dung and organic waste. The combined heat and power plants deliver heat to local businesses, apartment and office buildings, and schools.

Our services include:

  • Development of biogas plants including planning, financing, construction, grid connection, and biomass supply
  • Operational Management of biogas plants
  • Purchase and optimization of existing biogas plants

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