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Biobased Chemicals and Biofuels Services


B&C professionals assist clients on a wide range of areas, from legislative authorization and rulemaking to TSCA naming conventions, and general compliance measures.

Regulatory areas in which we advise clients include:

  • Chemical Product Approval and Review --
    • Assist in the approval and regulation of industrial biobased chemical products, including those enabled by biotechnology
    • Assist with reporting obligations for new and existing chemicals
  • Specific Regulatory Reviews --
    • Assist clients' adherence to:
      • Premanufacture Notification (PMN)/Microbial Commercial Activity Notice (MCAN) requirements
      • PMN requirements pertinent to biobased chemical products
      • Section 5 Significant New Use Rules (SNUR)
    • Recordkeeping and Reporting Assistance --
      • Assist clients with their Section 8(a), (d), and (e) recordkeeping and reporting requirements, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and systems development issues
    • Additional Sample Matters --
      • Export issues
      • Inventory issues

Advocacy areas include efforts to support Congressional appropriations for and reauthorization of existing bioenergy programs, efforts to influence rulemaking to implement bioenergy programs, and efforts to secure financing for construction of biofuel production facilities.

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