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With the ever increasing population and its requirement for fuel. The inhabitants of the world have become aware of the constant need to provide alternative energy. With Finland using the most Biomass fuel in Europe and Ireland the least per annum it is with this in mind that in 2009 Crowley Engineering Ireland created a sister company Crowley Energy. Crowley Energy.s aim is to find and execute a solution that would bring affordable heat and power to Crowley.s existing customers and open up new markets for the company. Biomass, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is one solution that Crowley Energy is currently developing to this end Crowley Energy has developed systems for providing Biomass fuel. Pellets are produced from farm waste i.e. energy crops, agri residues and slurry.

The forestry section i.e. firewood, forest residues, short rotation coppice, wood industry residues, tree surgery residues and wood waste can all be changed into pellet form. Food, food processing waste and green waste, can also be converted into pelletts. These pellets can be made in any size or shape to meet the consumer's requirement. Crowley Engineering Ireland is at present working on Bioenergy plants in Ireland and the UK. The benefits of Biomass CHP for a country like Ireland is; Energy security, reduced carbon emissions and the creation of sustainable jobs.

The company offer a turnkey service in the following areas:

  • Oil Extraction Plants
  • Pelleting plants
  • Recycling Plants
  • Waste Management Systems

Crowley Engineering will design and install the plant offering the client a competitive quotation or the option of using new or pre owned equipment or combination of both thus giving a flexible option.

Crowley Engineering Ireland also supplies material recovery systems for most products the following is a small selection:

  • Composting
  • Concrete Reclaiming Systems
  • Conveyors
  • Drying
  • Elevators
  • Grinding
  • Pelleting
  • Recycling Systems
  • Separation
  • Sludge Processing
  • Slurry Separation
  • Storage

Crowley Energy and their European & Irish partners Crowley Energy is building a 1 MW electrical 3 MW thermal Biomass CHP system. With these partners Crowley Energy are committed to the ESCO (Energy Supply Company) model this will mean a complete CHP solution including guaranteed fuel supply, technical support and financing for those companies seeking an economical environmentally friendly power solution. The first plant is under construction (July 2011) in Ireland.

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