Nouveau Energy Management Services (NEMS)

Nouveau Energy Management Services (NEMS)

Biofuels Practice



Bio-fuel is a fast developing industry which has a vast potential in the near future. Biofuel is expected to have a huge market share as the efficiency of production techniques and land areas dedicated to Biofuel industry increase. The green profile of this industry coupled with the benefit of locally produced fuel is making it progressively more popular among governments of both developed and emerging nations.

NEMS experts with their extensive expertise in CDM advisory services provide their clients with comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Biofuel industry and its potential in the overall energy mix keeping in view the volatile geopolitical environment of the oil producing regions. NEMS experts also provide our clients with excellent entry strategies and best options available under CDM financing services.

NEMS experts provide advisory services in Biofuel industry regarding:

  • Production requirements and optimization
  • Legal, environmental and socio-political issues
  • Investment, financing and comprehensive CDM advisory services

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