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Biogas Energy


Companies in the power and transportation markets utilize processed biogas (also referred to as biomethane or renewable natural gas) to generate renewable fuel credits, renewable energy credits, and/or greenhouse gas allowances/offsets—and Element Markets is a leading player in each of those markets. Our in-house capabilities, ranging from project level support through generation and monetization of environmental credits, allow our clients to take advantage of premium markets while minimizing the execution risks.

Unparalleled experience
We bring our clients unparalleled experience in both gas logistics and renewable fuel credit management. As one of the industry’s early and most active registrants, we pioneered the biogas-derived CNG and LNG fuels under both the RFS and LCFS programs and were the first entity approved as a marketer under the RFS to generate RINs from managed biogas projects and the first to file a biogas specific Carbon Intensity Pathway in LCFS. To date, we have transported over 8.4 million MMBtu of biogas, managing all facets of renewable natural gas operations from pick-up to nomination, balancing and delivery through our in-house gas logistics and back office team.

All aspects handled, from Production Facility to vehicle fuel tank
Our collective technical and marketing expertise and understanding of all intersections of value enables us to provide optimized returns for our clients. Beyond bringing biogas to market, we are able to execute all contracts, manage transport logistics and delivery, and administer the entire back office function on behalf of our clients, freeing our clients to focus on their core businesses.

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