Biogas Plants

GasCon has a wide experience base within biogas utilization. Therefore GasCon is an excellent partner from the initial feasibility studies through technical and economic calculations to actual project implementation, including tendering and project management.
Biogas is formed naturally by degradation of different types of biomass. In a biogas plant these processes are regulated and optimized in digesters. The biogas produced in the digesters is utilized in gas engines producing power and heat. 65% of the biogas are methane.
A good deal of biomass is traditionally stored in storage tanks or big lagoons from where methane releases to the atmosphere as a powerfull Greenhouse Gas, being 21 times stronger than CO2.
A biogas plant achieves the benefit of both destructing the methane, and avoiding the emission of GHG caused by the replaced electricity production.
Destructing Greenhouse Gas gives the project the possibility of selling carbon credits to countries obligated to reduce emission of CO2. The income selling the carbon credits help implementing biogas plants in undeveloped countries all over the world.

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