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Biogas can produced from biological wastes (carbohydrates, Protein, Lipids) in anaerobic condition. World population rapidly growing as well as world energy reserves depilating too much and per capita resources decreasing at double rate due to our too much luxury and too much energy demanding life fashion style. Rational burning of fossil fuels to meet industry, transport and household energy demand and horizontal expansions reduces and converted green lands ( Forests and agriculture ) into permanent structures (Industries, offices, schools and houses).

Due to these new problems our earth start facing new problems such like Global warming and climate change. Unfortunately we don’t have any other planet for humans. So it need have time for collective action with large volume of actions to safe our earth for our next generations for good words for us. Unfortunately energy supplied to world from uncertainty regions of world, which directly cause inflation in world and economics activities.

Pakistan is agricultural country, that’s why it produces large amount of biological wastes in terms of weeds, crops residues, plant litter, poultry wastes and grasses. Pakistan stands on 4th position in the world for livestock and we get large amount of manure or dung. Pakistan has diverse ecologies for different plants and animals. We have different sceneries for biogas plants.

  1. Households wastes or communities types biogas plants.
  2. Green Mondi (vegetable + fruits) biogas plants
  3. Sludge wastes biogas plants.
  4. Solid waste biogas plants.
  5. Institutional biogas plants.
  6. Model development biogas plants
  7. Cafeteria waste biogas plants.
  8. Slaughter house waste
  9. Bakery food waste industry.
  10. Energy Crops.

Biogas Benefits

Per capita energy consumption describes lively standards, human health, and average age life. Above all mentioned factors associated clean energy (green energy) and clean environments. Due to inefficient burning of these biomasses (Dung cakes, crops residues, solids wastes and wood) it severely hit our human’s life’s

  • For better Human health
  • To increase CO2 sinker and reduction Deforestation
  • Reduces work load and Timing saving
  • hygiene  conditions and oddour reduction
  • To promote organic farming
  • CO2 Natural
  • Reduction greenhouse gas emissions
  • Natural from diseases germs and weed seed Organic fertilizers with following nutrients (Nitrogen (N),Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulfur (S), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni).
  • Improve soil texture, structure, enhances soil aeration, and water holding capacity which causes reduction energy consumption at farm.

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