Biogas-Ost Unternehmensgruppe

Biological Supervision Services


Changes in the digester biology can have various causes, e.g. quality changes in the existing or the conversion to new substrates. With us you can rely on over 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of biological supervision and plant optimising in financial and biological terms to ensure a production of green energy at the highest efficiency level.

We offer an initial biological consultation to analyse either your future or existing substrates towards their possible gas yield. Based on the laboratory results, we can provide specific recommendations on how to optimise the process flow of your biogas plant. Thus, even possible process disturbances can be detected and avoided in advance for minimising financial and operating costs.

For our biogas plant clients, all biological support is included up to one year after start-up containing periodical analysis and optimisation of substrate compositions and feeding times.

We determine the following standard parameters:

  • pH-value
  • volatile organic acids (FOS-titration)
  • alkaline buffer capacity (TAC-titration)

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