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Biomass and Renewable Energy


World wide demand for energy is increasing with associated spiralling CO2 emissions. Here at James Proctor Ltd we have a commitment to developing biomass and renewable energy combustion systems. By burning biomass the CO2 emitted is equal to the CO2 originally taken in by the plant to grow. But the systems must be able to burn the fuel in its raw form which often includes a high moisture content in the fuel. We have developed an efficient, cost effective boiler package which enables high moisture content biomass to be utilised as a low cost, environmentally friendly fuel. This can often be a waste biomass that is currently land filled leading to huge cost savings for the customer if used as a fuel both in terms of fuel costs and taxation from landfill and carbon taxes, which must only rise in the future. A 1MW test boiler installed in our factory enables a customer to trial their fuel as a demonstration.

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