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Exposed to the elements in all weathers for up to two decades, wind turbine blades must be maintained correctly to achieve optimum performance. On the frontline of energy capture Blade Maintenance is often overlooked in favour of gearbox or generator repairs, however proper Wind Turbine Blade Maintenance can greatly reduce stress on the drive train, and maximise the energy harnessed by your Wind Turbine. Windtechnics provide a range of inspection and repair services to ensure blades are maintained in optimum condition, with technicians skilled in the art of blade repair Windtechnics can ensure your turbine makes the most of the energy available from the wind.

Blades can be damaged and degrade over time, to ensure your wind turbine is working efficiently Windtechnics can provide the following Blade Services:

  • Inspection – Can be provided as part of an End Of Warranty Inspection Package
  • Repair – In-situ repairs can be carried out to both epoxy laminate and Pre Preg blades using the latest techniques
  • Cleaning – Dirt and debris on the blade can increase drag and reduce the efficiency of your blade leading to reduced energy yield
  • Blade Tip & Tip Guide Cone Replacement – Tips and the mechanisms for the movement of these tips can be damaged increasing the stresses on the control and actuation systems Windtechnics can repair or replace these items
  • Gel Coat Repair – Small chips or cracks in the blade surface can be quickly and easily repaired
  • Leading Edge Repair – Erosion of the leading edge occurs over time increasing drag this can be easily resolved with minor repairs or the application of erosion tape
  • Lightning Protection – Blade and electrical system inspection/Testing is available along with repair or replacement of these systems
  • Replacement – In cases of severe damage blades can be replaced

Windtechnics can undertake inspection and minor repairs ensuring blades continue to perform at their maximum potential, for larger sites Windtechnics are also able to develop a bespoke maintenance and care regime to be carried out over a longer period of time addressing the most serious issue first.

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