JSC Biokaitra

Boiler Ignition Services


Boiler fuel tank must be filled with 25-30 kg of pellets then closed. To start boiler ingnition keep “right” button on control panel pressed until you hear an audible signal. After the audible signal the red LED “mode” starts flashing on the control panel display shows: “Ignition Sr: 360 s, Kt: 20.4”. Sr(fuel transportation time) – shows the time in seconds how long the fuel loader will lift fuel to the burner. Kt(boiler temperature) – present boiler temperature value.

  • A fuel loader rotates, lifting the pellets to the centre of the air intake grating (the default fuel loader operating time is 120 sec. ). Visually check whether the pellets were loaded to the necessary level – to the top of the burner. If pellets are not loaded to the centre of the air intake grating during the given period of time, press the button “right” and add the same amount of time as was previously set. To stop the fuel loader, press the button “left”.
  • During ignition, the fan and the ignition ceramic coil turn on automatically.
  • If your controller panel has buttons “Start“ and “Stop” briefly press the“Start” button to start boiler ignition.

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