Building Energy Performance Rating

As a minimum classification of the building\'s energy needs and energy consumption, insulation properties, and heating and / or document that contains information about the efficiency of cooling systems. Energy buildings, building permits since January 1, 2011 will be the preparation of identification shall be mandatory.Energy Performance Certificates are valid for 10 years from the date of regulation. Energy Performance Certificates in accordance with a report to be published at the end of this period are restated.Energy Performance Certificates, identification of energy related to the administration is prepared and approved by the competent authority. This document is an integral part of the certificate of occupancy permits for new buildings.

- General information about the building,
- Editing and organizing information,
- Use of the building area (m2),
- Intended use of the building,
- Building\'s heating, cooling, Air Conditioning, ventilation and sanitary hot water to supply the amount of energy used (kWh / year)
- The amount of annual primary energy consumed by each type of energy (kWh / year)
- Per capita annual consumption of primary energy usage of buildings, ranging from A to G according to the classification of a reference scale,
- Final energy consumption of the amount of greenhouse gases in the field of use per year (kg CO2/m2-yıl)
- Annual greenhouse gas emissions per capita usage of buildings, ranging from A to G according to the classification of a reference scale (kg CO2/m2-yıl)
- Building\'s lighting energy consumption value
- Primary energy consumption, according to the energy class
- Final energy consumption, according to the emission of greenhouse gases class
- Renewable energy utilization rate of the building is shown.

Energy Performance Certificate is a copy of the building owner, manager, board and / or energy is stored by the director, a copy of the entrance of the building is kept suspended in a location easily seen. In addition, the building is sold or rented, or given an independent chapter, buyer or tenant by the landlord of the building Energy Performance Certificates are awarded.

Energy Performance Certificates, the building in case of any application for change of the annual energy needs to be renewed pursuant to this Regulation. Identification of the new buildings will be energy and more energy consumption and CO2 emission class D can not have.

Energy Performance Certificates, be prepared for the entire building, optionally, an independent section of each floor having possession of or separately for different application areas can be edited.

Method of obtaining surface areas used in calculations, the energy conversion coefficients, the final energy consumption of primary energy conversion and energy scale, the final energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide  emissions of the conversion coefficients, as the Energy Performance Certificate attachments prepared by the project.

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