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Low CO2 Consultants Private Limited

Building Energy Simulation


In the upcoming era of whole building design, Energy Modeling proves as the most effective technique to predict building performance by analyzing interactions between different building systems.

Building Energy Simulation using the state-of-the art tools computes the energy requirements of the building using real time data and weather conditions. This technique when implemented at a pre-design stage helps you to take informed decisions on design and construction engineering.

Dynamic simulation takes into consideration, the various heat gains in the building like occupancies, solar gains, heat rejected by equipment, analyzes the effects of HVAC and lighting systems and provides with an accurate analysis of the indoor conditions as well as the energy consumption of the building. We are well equipped to analyze the performance of energy conservation measures (ECMs) that control heating, cooling, lighting and even airflow through vents.

With such strong tools, we also render our services to provide you with engineering analysis to optimize individual building systems. We can assist with energy optimization in building envelope or the lighting or HVAC systems.

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