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Therm-A-Cor Consulting, Inc.

Burner Operational Improvements

Burner Modifications: The Therm-A-Cor staff has evaluated and improved the performance of a wide variety of combustion and heat transfer systems. With a unique knowledge of the combustion processes, construction practices and material response characteristics, a Therm-A-Cor engineer can quickly evaluate the operation of any manufacture's combustion equipment. Therm-A-Cor engineers have developed the modifications needed to improve the operational life and efficiency of many combustion processes. Two typical evaluations are outlined below.Therm-A-Cor personnel completely redesigned a heavy tar BIF burner to improve its operational life. Before the modifications, the heavy tar burner experienced down time 3 to 8 times a day. The atomization gun continually clogged and generated irregular flame patterns. The refractory of the burner would last only 5 to 6 months before the burner would have to be completely replaced. A Therm-A-Cor engineer completely redesigned the nozzle.

The new nozzle developed a compact flame pattern that did not impinge on the refractory. The blockages and wear, characteristic of the past nozzle, were eliminated. Therm-A-Cor personnel redesigned the refractory of the burner. The mechanical design was modified and refractory was changed to improve the operational life of the burner. This modification increased the burner life from 6 months to over 24 months.

Injector Modifications: The additives production plant utilizes sulfur in the production of its product line. The waste gas and liquid stream contained a variety of sulfur by-products. This material corroded the burner in a very short period of time. Maintenance on the burner was extremely difficult due to the requirements that the system be operated whenever the production facility was operating. Therm-A-Cor engineers redesigned the waste liquid nozzle. The new design eliminated the blockage and corrosion that were previously experienced by the system. Additionally the system started with less problems from a cold start.

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