Humber Local Economic Partnership

Humber Local Economic Partnership

Carbon Capture And Storage


Yorkshire and Humber named best European location for a Carbon Capture Storage cluster. Yorkshire and the Humber is the obvious place to develop Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK. With heavy CO2 emitters clustered together along a corridor running from Ferrybridge to the Humber coastline, a pipeline to connect them could take all the CO2 emissions safely to be stored in the depleted gas fields in the North Sea.

Investing in carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Yorkshire and Humber will provide a major boost to the UK economy, delivering £1.3bn and 4,000 skilled-jobs.

The opportunities for the supply chain - valued at up to £251million - are enormous, as are the potential for inward investment in the area.

Businesses from a wide range of engineering and commercial sectors and of all sizes would be needed to make it a reality.
As well as the economic argument for investing in CCS for Yorkshire and Humber, it also has the potential to cut the UK's carbon emission by up to 19%.

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