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There is a proliferation of projects and technologies seeking to reduce carbon emissions, however biochar is one of only a handful of technologies that can remove carbon from the atmosphere.  Other technologies in this vein include carbon capture and storage, forestry and other soil carbon practices such as no-till farming.

There are several avenues in which the PacPyro technology can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. These include:

  • Renewable energy generation by displacing fossil fuel;
  • Bio-sequestration by stabilising biochar carbon into terrestrial sinks;
  • Decreased emissions from waste biomass, including avoided methane generation from landfills and       compost production;
  • Reduced agriculture emissions by reducing nitrous oxide from soil, fuel use, fertiliser use, and increasing   water use efficiency; and
  • Increased agricultural productivity through increased biomass yields creating a positive feedback loop.

PacPyro technology can be adopted by corporations to offset their emissions elsewhere within their operations – this fits within a voluntary offset approach as well as any future mandatory carbon scheme.

PacPyro is currently undertaking the certification of methodology process for the Australian Government Carbon Farming Initiative. In addition, certification will be sought on a project by project basis or methodology basis as applicable, in regions where emissions trading schemes or analogous regulations or legislation provide a value for carbon offsets (either on a voluntary or mandatory basis).

This process will expand as PacPyro’s project pipeline is developed beyond Australia and New Zealand into Europe, the Americas and elsewhere.

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